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Please Note
To register with the MB8 Token Referral System you need a valid "Referral Code"

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How Do I register for MB8 Coin referral program?

Once you have been sent a referral code from your sponsor, please use the link in the email or visit mb8coin.io/refer and click on the Register Button at the bottom of the page, then type your referral code that you have been sent in to the registration page.

I have not been sent a referral code to register with?

This referral program is by invitation only, If you have not been sent a referral link you will be unable to join the MB8 Referral program.

How do I login to my account?

Please visit mb8coin.io/refer and login using the MB8 Referral Login information that was emailed to you at sign up. If you have changed your password since initial registration you will need to use the most recent password.

How do I log out of my account?

Click on the menu button at the top right of the page, then click the Log Out button.

How do I invite people to join the MB8 internal Referral system under me?

To invite someone to join the MB8 Referral System, please use the Share your Referral Code once you have logged in to the MB8 Referral System. You will be able to type the email address and send your referral code along with instructions to the recipient.

How do I invite people to buy MB8 Tokens?

You can invite someone to buy MB8 Tokens using the MB8 Referral System by clicking the Invite-2-Buy button in the Menu at the top right of your account. Simply type there details in to the form and press send. This will email them a link to activate their account.

The recipent will receive login information for mb8coin.io (not the referral system) to purchase MB8 Tokens.

How do I complete an internal Transfer?

You may transfer tokens to anyone within the MB8 Referral System, by clicking on Internal Transfer, then typing the amount along with their email address in to the box and clicking send.

How do I get back to home page?

Click the Home button at the top left of your account. Or Hit F5 key to reload.

Pending rewards visibility?

You can view pending rewards by clicking on the Menu at the top right of your account, then clicking on Pending Rewards. These will be allocated to your account on the next token allocation update.

How do I view people that have accepted my invite to join referral system?

You can view anyone referred by you, by clicking Menu at the top right of your account, then clicking on Referrals.

If I change my referral account password does it change my mb8coin.io user account password.

For increased security we do not update both passwords. We recommend using different passwords on both the MB8 Coin Referrals System and MB8coin.io

Do my generated/bought MB8 Tokens show in both my referral account and my mb8coin.io account?

Only purchased tokens show in your MB8coin.io account which you can view by visiting mb8coin.io/my-account.
Tokens which you have earned through referals will show in the MB8 Referrals system.

How do I change my referral account password?

Please login using your initial password which was emailed to you at registration, you can then change your password by clicking the menu button at the top right of the page and then choosing Settings. Choose your new password and press save.

How do I get on the leader board?

Sell! The leader board shows the person that has referred the most people and the person that has made the most sales.

How does the pay-out system work?

When orders are marked as complete on mb8coin.io the referral system automatically detects and pays out hourly.

How does the referral system know when I have made a sale?

If an order is placed with an email address you have registered, the order will be picked up by our system and rewards issued accordingly.

How does the referral system know how much to allocate me?

The referral system will allocate you 10% on direct sales you have made by directly referring someone who then purchases. If down your line your registered referral accounts then make sales you will gain 5%.

NEW- Direct Sales Link

When the Direct sales link is used it takes the customers straight to mb8coin.io without the need to register anywhere, all they have to do is buy MB8. Your commission will now appear in Rewards History on mb8referral.com at 12% or 4% dependant on if you sell or your downline sells using the NEW direct sales link.


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You can invite friends and family to purchase MB8 tokens under your referral code. They won't have to go through the registration process, once they accept your invite you will earn MB8 tokens anytime they purchase.

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Welcome to the MB8 Coin Referral Platform.
The MB8 Coin referral program is accessible by invitation only.

Every member of the MB8 Coin referral program has been approved by their referrer. Please only invite members you know and trust will represent the MB8 Coin project correctly.

Authorised Members

By accepting your invitation to join the MB8 Coin internal referral program you will gain access to the following MB8 Referral functions:


Invite-2-Buy: You are now able to use the invite-2-buy function in your account to send an invitation email to your prospective buyers. Once the buyer accepts your invitation they will be directed to MB8coin.io where their account will be already set up for them.


Share your Referral Code: As a trusted member of the MB8 Coin promotion team you are able to self-verify people that you feel would represent the MB8 Coin project well. You are now able to send out your private referral code to people you want to give an opportunity to earn MB8 Tokens as part of the MB8 Coin marketing team.


Reward Structure

Payouts are paid every hour automatically into your reward tokens account. You can see pending rewards on its way to you using the menu.

Invite-2-Buy: Every time you’re invited buyer makes a purchase your referral account will be credited with an amount equal to 12% of your buyers purchase amount. For Example: your buyer purchases 1000 MB8 Tokens after accepting your invitation, once their payment is confirmed, they receive their full 1000 MB8 Tokens and you receive 120 MB8 Tokens (12%) into your referral account automatically.


Share your Referral Code: If anyone you have brought in to the referral system invites a buyer you will receive 4% on any sale that is confirmed. For Example: Someone you have reffered has generated a sale of 1000 MB8 Tokens, once their payment is confirmed, the buyer receives their full 1000 MB8 Tokens, the refferer receives 120MB8 Tokens (12%) and you receive 40 MB8 Tokens (4%) into your referral account automatically.